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With a robust supply of music accessories and supplies, acoustic stringed instruments, digital pianos, P.A. Systems, consignments, instructional print music, Jimmy's covers the must haves. We also offer restring and stringed instrument repair.

For the other stuff not mentioned, Jimmy's is growing, and we may have what you need. So get off the internet and buzz on down to Jimmy's Music & Supply today!

A little about Jimmy's

Jim Gillaspy Music Store Owner

It is Jimmy's every desire to be a music store that offers product, service and advice that exceeds the primary needs of all budding and seasoned musicians alike. Jimmy's is the hub of all things music, as we intend to nurture every relationship with all aspiring musicians and music professionals in the area. If you have a need, Jimmy’s will be the first place to start!

The Durango area is many things to many people, but if it's one thing I've experienced in 30 years of working in and around music in the Four Corners, it's the 'community'. Our music community is second to none, and I very much look forward to once again serving your needs!


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